New Message Board Tool for Teams

21 Sep

I got an email from Coach Lee today about a new message board he just started.  What sparked my curiosity was that he wanted teams to post their upcoming info in regard to tryouts, fundraisers, news and events.  What I liked about it was another place that we could get some information for the show as well as video clips to link to in support of women’s football.

Currently we use myspace bulletins, team websites and league websites which are also a good source for information.

Here is what Coach Lee had to say:

Hello True Women’s Football Fans, we have started a new board with more interaction, photo’s, video’s and more…….. can add special events, tryout dates, game dates and lots more.  This is a great board to be apart of it open to all players, all coaches, all owners, and fans!!!

go to…..http://womenstackle footballgroup.

Screen shot taken from Women’s Tackle Football Group website

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