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19 Sep

I recently signed up to receive text messages from the NFL on my team to receive scores and updates during the game.  Two games have been played and I’ve yet to watch the game live.

I signed up to receive messages everytime either team scored as well as end of quarter scores.  The first time I didn’t realize the game was on until I received my first text message.  I chose not to watch the game because texts came frequent and kept me informed.  It also allowed me to do other things.

Tonight I signed up for a similar service that will allow not only me to send out messages and updates, but I also gave it permission to allow you to interact with each other as well.  It can be anonoymous or you can get a nick name assigned to your account.  Your phone number will never show to the subscribers.  It will however allow me to see it on the website in case I need to ban anyone who abuses this service by spam or inappropriate language.

You can either send a text through the website and read what is being said or you can send through your cell phone.  The only charges that would incur would be through your cell phone company for normal text messages.  If you have the unlimited text already set up, then there would be no additional charge.  It works like a chat or message board, but through text.  All subscribers will receive the message and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

During the season I thought this would be a good way for the leagues or teams to get out their scores to their subscribers. They could set up a similar site, but without the interaction.

During the 2007 WPFL Championship game, WFBTALK had set up AIM instant message to anyone wishing to know the score.  All they had to do was send a message and an auto reply with the updates were sent back.  This was not as efficient, but we did have a following.

If you would like to give this service a try, go to www.textmarks.com/wfbtalk or from your phone you can subscribe by typing in 41411 and in the text box type wfbtalk.  If you would like to send a message you would type 41411 and in the text box type wfbtalk and insert your message.  The wfbtalk will not show up to anyone else.  It just lets the service know where it is going.  If you do not go to the website and register a name, it will just show up as USER13XA3 or something similar.

How to Use (CLICK HERE)

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