Reign at Speed This Saturday

18 Sep

If you’ve been out of the message board loop like I have you may not have known that there is a scheduled game to be played this Saturday in the WPFL.  Yes you heard me correctly, the WPFL (Women’s Professional Football League).  You wouldn’t know it from the official website, nor would you know it from the two teams websites that are playing each other.  I’m talking about Thee Toledo Reign and the Indiana Speed

I contacted both teams asking if they would be interested in broadcasting their last games.   This Saturday may be too soon to get someone to announce the play by play, but they will look into the game scheduled on the 27th of this month.

If anyone is in the Indiana area, has play by play skills (Coaches/Veteran Players) and would be interested in this weeks (9/20) Game-of-the-Week broadcast, please contact either of the two teams for consideration. 

Indiana Speed:  Sandi Ballard-Groth  317-216-5899 (Use the #1 feature/#2 currently does not work)

Thee Toledo Reign:  Beth 419-654-5799

or give me a hollar

WFB Talk:  Bj  916-273-TALK (8255)

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