Ventura Black Widows on CNN

26 Aug

I received this press release this morning from Ahmad Newton, Owner of the Ventura Black Widows. 



August 25, 2008

Contact: Ahmad Newton

Ventura Black Widows


Ventura- The Ventura Black Widows, Ventura county only women’s full contact football team is going to be featured on CNN in all of Southern California at every 6 minutes before and 24 minutes after the hour on September 1st – 3rd.  We look into a typical practice of ladies trying to make the Black Widows expansion team for the 2009 season in the NWFA.  The NWFA started in 2001 and has 35 teams nationwide with an additional 5 expansion teams ready to the new season.  Watch as the Black Widows are lead by a coach of the Western Division Champions from the Los Angeles Amazons. 

These women show what it takes to play NFL rules football against other division teams: Los Angeles, Phoenix Prowlers, Marana She Devils and the Modesto Magic.  There are many reasons why women would want to play full contact football.  Many play because they enjoy the game while others play they never had the chance to showcase their skills.  The average age for a women player is 34 years old.  They come from a variety of backgrounds: law enforcement, educators, single mothers and others.

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