The dedication of the crew of WFB Talk is amazing!

25 Aug

Story Submitted by Nancy

On August 21st we celebrated our first year anniversary.  Since this time all the Hosts have been committed to being on the show even if it meant being in a very unique or strange place.  For the upcoming Anniversary show we will try to compile all the places we can remember that were way above the norm!

For me this tops it!  Yesterday Barb co-hosted the show (with Robin running the switchboard) on a desolated island off the Sacramento River!  Of course, she had a little fun prior to the show.  We were out with our friends Trish & Dora wakeboarding (Barb just enjoying the boating), but with Barb’s diligence she requested for us to find her a place to stay without too much interference. 


When we found her this island at the last moment with about 13 minutes left we realized Barb’s phone didn’t have reception.  Good thing Dora’s phone has a different cellualar company as a back-up.  While the show was on Live we kept boating past her back and forth and when the show was over we had her back on the boat for more fun.


Thank you Trish & Dora for searching for this spot of property off the water!


Photos taken from Nancy’s SideKick

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