Receive Texts to Listen to WFB Talk Segments from your Phone

22 Aug

For those of you who are on the road and away from your computer, you will now be able to hear some of WFB Talk segments through your cell phone where ever you may be.  I currently uploaded the segment with Jeff King, President of the Women’s Football Alliance, entitled “Another League” as well as the “Weight Training for Football” segment with Rob Price.  I tried it two ways.  With the Weight Training segment I seperated into 3 parts (12 minute, 10 minute and 9 minute).  With “Another League” I left it in the 39 minute entirety.  I wanted to see the upload difference and give the listener the option to split the show in segments rather than one straight shot.  If you do happen to hang up the phone and call in at a later time, it will ask you if you want to restart, otherwise it will continue where it left off.

So when you subscribe to our show, anytime I upload a particular segment you will receive a text message with the segment title.  You can choose to listen to it or not.  Some of you already have the show sent to your iTunes, but this is segment specific and you can listen from your phone (either cell or land line).

In order for you to receive notification, you will need to subscribe.  The only charges that will incur will be from your cell phone company.  If you have unlimited text then No charge will apply.  You can also choose to listen when your minutes are Free.  There is NO Charge to subscribe or use Foneshow.

Women’s Football Talk FoneShow page screen shot

To learn more about our FoneShow CLICK HERE and be sure to listen to this Sunday’s show on WFB Talk at 3pm(pst)/6pm(est) for more details.  More segments will be added soon.

If you have a particular favorite you want us to add, email me at

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