ALL Teams Need to take “INIATIVE” to Promote Women’s Sports

19 Aug

It’s important the individual “Teams” bring this message out.  It is also important for teams to reach out to young women in the community. 

When Catherine Masters was on 3rd & Long with Coach Penn during a pre-record, she had mentioned that all the advertising is done on the website.  I must admit that I check ALL the Leagues websites often, but even I sometimes overlook an important message.

Here is the exerpt from the NWFA website:

Some of our teams will be running instructional football camps for girls in grades 7-12. These camps will teach these young girls the basics of playing tackle football. Camps are four two hour sessions. CLICK HERE to find out which teams are hosting these camps.
If you click on the link it goes to a NEW site NGFA (National Girl’s Football Association) that was set up with the url, a spin off from  This weekend we are hoping to talk to a few teams who have set some of these Fall camps up. 
As you know the New York Sharks Women’s Tackle Football Team, which is part of the IWFL, have been doing these camps for years in support of the NFL and held at the New York Giants Stadium.  The New York Sharks have Always encouraged other teams to set up similar camps and unfortunetely no other TEAMS from the IWFL has followed suit.  In fact the New York Sharks are holding another Kid’s Football Clinic on September 7th, outside of the normal yearly event at Giants Stadium.
With the release of the new movie LongShots, starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer, the H’Town Texas Cyclones and the NWFA took initiative to get behind this movie. 
The H’Town Cyclones recently had a Press Conference to announce Girl’s Football Camp while attending a special screening of the movie. 
Photo on the Cyclones website along with the NWFA website have Keke Palmer, LongShots star, along with Roxy Griffen and Lucretia Gray co-owners at the special screening.
From the NWFA website:

The NWFA has partnered with Dimension Films to help promote the new movie LONGSHOTS. The movie which is a true story about the first girl to play Pop Warner football. NWFA’s Houston Cyclones hosted a press conference with star, Keke Palmer to promote the movie and the upcoming girl’s football camps.

Other NWFA teams around the country are helping to promote the movie and also attending special screening. “This movie will go a long way in getting more little girls interested in playing the game of football,” states league CEO, Catherine Masters.

The movie opens nationwide on August 22nd!
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