Weight Training for Football, Author Rob Price on WFB Talk

16 Aug

Guest Rob Price, Author of “The Utimate Guide to Weight Training for Football” as well as Founder to SportsWorkout.com, the #1 Sports-Training website on the internet, will discuss Football Specific Training as well as what you need to do to train during off-season, pre-season and in-season.

Excerpt from the back cover:

The Utimate Guide to Weight Training for Football is a must have for any competitive football player looking to accelerate his or her skills.  Complete with year-round workout programs designed specifically for football, there is no longer a reason to follow a general fitness routine.  By doing exercises that target football specific muscles, you will be exercising more efficiently as well as optimizing your performance on the field.


 Tune in tomorrow at 3:00pm (pst)/6:00pm (est) at www.WFBTalk.com.

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