Silly Season Begins!!!

6 Aug

The NWFA and the IWFL 2008 Season has come to an end!!!  Now it is time for the Silly Season to Begin.  Silly Season is when teams from one league start switching to the other and where new leagues begin. 


Today on 3rd & Long, Coach Penn did a prerecord this afternoon with Catherine Masters, President and Founder of the National Women’s Football Association to discuss what goes on during silly season as well as why teams switch from league to league.  Hear how women’s football has progressed and gotten better, but what efforts still need to be made. 


Also on the show hear Coach Penn go over questions and answers sent to an IWFL Official and next week on the show she will be guest to enlighten everyone about the IWFL’s off-season activity.


Tune in tonight for 3rd & Long with Coach Penn on WFB Talk Continues at 7:00pm (pst).  Be sure to join in on the chat and ask Coach Penn some questions.  Look for the Chat Available button on the main screen to enter. 

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