A FORCE OF ONE…An ENERGY…etic One at That

6 Aug

The Houston Energy are holding Tryouts on September 13 between 9 am and 12 pm at Texas Southern University, Alexandar Durley Field House.  The Houston Energy is currently a FORCE of ONE, still listed under the WPFL website.  I am sure Brian Wiggins, Owner and Head Coach has Good things planned for his team for the 2009 season.

Coach Penn mentioned on his show tonight, 3rd & Long on WFB Talk Continues, that he is curious how the market will do with two teams in the Houston area (H’Town Texas Cyclones and the Houton Energy).  Though Houston is a big market, two teams in the same area will have an effect on attendance and sponsorship.

For more information on the Houston Energy, email info@houstonenergyfootball.com.

Screenshot Taken from the Houston Energy website

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