Is the Aaaaaaaaaa’s the New Ummmmmm’s?

5 Aug

Hey Coach Penn, start marking my Aaaaaaa’s as well.  If you listened to Sunday’s show (Another League?) you would have heard the running joke that Coach Penn and myself are doing.  I told him that during one of his past shows he used ummmm a lot.  I told him for the next show that every time he used the ummmm word he would have to pay 0.25 to the IWFL Fund and if I used the word ummmm I would pay to the California Quake fund.  I told him on his last show he owes the Fund 0.50.  He had even commented he had to think real hard not to say it.

The show we did on Sunday I couldn’t believe the aaaaaaaaa’s I said…so the new challenge is for the ummmm’s and aaaaaaa’s.  Keep me on track with this listeners.  Send me the ummmmm’s I did on Sunday’s show.  Starting this Sunday you can start counting both.  As your listening keep a bj tab on me…lol.

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