WFB Talk’s ONE YEAR Anniversary Coming UP!!!

29 Jul

WFB Talk’s one year Anniversary is coming up.  WFB Talk made its inaugural debut on  August 21 at 10pm(pst) because that was the earlist time slot we could get for a time first show during the week.  We had chose a week day, because we all had thought that would be the best time for all of us to get together.  We wound up using a Sunday, but that too had some interferences due to NFL Sunday’s.  But we stuck with Sunday’s anyway because we knew that if you missed a show you would be able to hear the podcast at your convenience.

This year we are going to put together a special Anniversary Show.  We need your help.  If there is a clip from a show that stands out in your mind drop us an email at  We want to put together some of our favorite memory clips and your favorite memory clips as well as talking with Coaches who have been around during some of the early history of women’s football from the 70’s.

CLICK HERE to read about our first show memory that was blogged on August 23rd, 2007.

We would like to Thank you for being supporters of the show.  Without YOU, there would be no show.

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