No Season End for WFB Talk

28 Jul

Just a reminder.  The season may have ended for the football season, well not true its always ongoing with fundraisers and tryouts….but here at WFB Talk we will be with you each and every Sunday at 3pm (pst).  Also tune into WFB Talk Continues every Wednesday at 7pm (pst) for 3rd & Long with Coach Penn.  Be on the look for some new developing shows in the works.

This week on 3rd & Long, Coach Penn will be doing a breakdown of the championship games.  Guests TBA.

This week on WFB Talk we will have Guest Jeff King, President of the WFA (Women’s Football Alliance).  Before you pass judgement on this new league set to start in 2009, hear what he has to say first.  We are also working out additional guests for the show…so stay tuned for more details upcoming.

Remember to continue to Support Your Teams throughout the year.  Go to and and click on TEAMS.

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