John’s IWFL Playoff Proposal for 2009

20 Jul

I wanted to share with you John’s IWFL Playoff Proposal that he submitted on his website  John started a ranking system website for women’s football, but has also thrown out some very interesting points.  I wrote John the other day because I didn’t see his proposal when he first put it out there on June 22.  When I asked him about his proposal I told him that I thought it was quite interesting.

He explained to me how he came up with it when I asked him if he wrote the proposal.

Yes, I wrote the proposal myself and manually computed each team’s computer points in the Jack Harbin example.  The Jack Harbin system isn’t perfect.  I’m just throwing that out there for food for thought.

The point in doing this was there are lots of examples that could be copied from various high school athletic associations around the USA that would help women’s football with scheduling and traveling costs.  I chose the Ohio format since I was already familiar with that one.  Many states have a mathematical point system like Ohio and Minnesota that give individual teams the freedom to schedule whomever they want in the regular season.

I’ve been randomly typing in the state names of various high school football associations to see what they use for their football playoff selections.

To See Proposal go to

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