Women’s Football Camp & Conference 2008

14 Jul

The Las Vegas Showgirlz & The Los Angeles Amazons
Women’s Football Camp & Conference 2008
November 6th –9th 2008
Las Vegas NV

Welcome to the Women’s Football Camp & Conference 2008

About Women’s Football

Since the 1999 starting of the “No Limits” Barnstorming Tour”. Working from feedback from female athletes from across the United States, the basic philosophies and logistics of establishing a national women’s pro tackle football league using NFL rules began to form. The idea was to put two teams together with top athletes and play one exhibition game in the HHH Metro-dome to judge the athleticism of the players, the quality of the game and the marketability of that game to sports fans across America. Interest snowballed into the very successful “No Limits” Barnstorming Tour. Three leagues emerge from the tour the WPFL, the NWFA, and the IWFL. Currently there are over 100 teams from Los Angeles to New York, Washington to Florida, and 4,000 Women playing tackle football across the country. Women’s Tackle Football is the fastest growing sport in America.

Women’s Football Camp & Conference Mission

Enable women from across the county that is playing tackle football to gain knowledge and skills of playing the game at ALL positions. To inspire them to work hard and train to be the best football player they can be. Also to draw on and combine the resources of the 3 major women’s football leagues to help promote the women athletes who play, coach, and own football teams.

Women’s Football Camp & Conference Vision

To create and promote full tackle women’s football. Focusing on creating a positive, safe and fun environment for the women who play football, to learn from the best coaches and ex-pro football players, and have a fun experience in doing so. The WFCC is the only Women’s Tackle Football Camp and Conference in the country allowing all women the opportunity to play and learn the skills of football. The WFCC also allows women and men alike the opportunity to learn all aspects of coaching, managing and even owning a sports team in order to further this opportunity for more women athletes.

WFCC Organization

The WFCC is a combine group of ex-professional players, coaches, and officials from different parts of the county and are here solely for the success of the sport of women’s tackle football. Our focus is on providing opportunities for women to play this great American sport while providing learning tools to succeed as a player, a coach, and or owner.

Brief Overview of the Camp & Conference

As a Player: Get first-hand training on each position that you play, on and off the field, from ex-collegians and professional players and coaches. Chalk talk, film review of each position, sports injuries, speed training and off-season training tips and programs. Each position will be represented!!!!

As a Coach: Learn from the best the game has to offer from current and ex-college and professional coaches, coaching philosophy, putting together your staff, off-season plan, teaching special teams, teaching each position, the art of breaking down film, football equipment, to What Offense or Defense should you run?

As an Owner: Learn what it take to put together a team from setting up the organization, to getting your staff and players, the art of marketing and public relations, how to get sponsors, game day operations, game day follow up, and sit down with other owners in a round table discussion.





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