The Football Goddesses have spoken!

10 Jul

Submitted by Nancy

Once our blog was established in August of 2007 I went to the local Printer to design a magnet that I could place on the back of my bumper to advertise our website.  When ever we had a chance to do a football road trip I brought along the magnet with us.  The magnet was very universal and I could remove it at anytime.

Earlier this week my car was in a need of a good car wash.  I went to the local gas station and lowered my antenna, making sure all my windows were closed and I walked along the back to remove the magnet.  I was a bit startled when the corner was not peeling back between my index finger and thumb!  I think the magical but unhealthy smoky heat of Sacramento melted my magnet?!  When I got about a half inch corner off I looked and noticed the magnet tore slightly from the force and left a gummy substance on my car.  At that point I decided this magnet is going to be a permanent fixture on my car now!  

For those of you who would like to see the magnet and read an older story go to search and enter “wallet mishap” and then click on the second story that appears or CLICK HERE.




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