New Show Airs THIS Wednesday

8 Jul

I don’t know if you saw the blog about Meg and I starting a new BlogTalkRadio site in order to bring to you the NWFA Playoffs Final Round of the H’Town Texas Cyclones @ the Los Angeles Amazons this Saturday, July 12.

It all started when I talked to Kay Carter, GM of the LA Amazons.  WFB Talk was originally supposed to broadcast the Kentucky Karma at the LA Amazons game on July 5.  When Kay asked if we could broadcast on Saturday, July 12, I informed her that we were doing the IWFL Western Conference Championship Game hosted by the Seattle Majestics, but I would see what we could do.

It’s official.  The crew from WFB Talk have two seperate game broadcasts on Saturday, July 12 for the 2:30pm (pst) preGame of the Dallas Diamonds @ the Seattle Majestics game, Kick Off 3pm (pst) as well as the 6:30pm (pst) preGame of the H’Town Texas Cyclones @ the LA Amazons game, Kick Off 7pm (pst).

The IWFL Western Conference Championship game will be available to be heard at WFB Talk hosted by the Seattle Majestics and Lisa Tavarez and the NWFA Southern Conference Championship game will be available to be heard on WFB Talk Continues hosted by the LA Amazons and Debbie Genz.

Not only did we get an additional playoff game, we also acquired a NEW PROGRAMING.  Be sure to tune in THIS Wednesday at 7:00pm (pst)  for Third & Long with Coach Penn at WFB Talk Continues.

We hope to make this a weekly feature on WFB Talk Continues with Coach Penn of the California Quake.

“WFB Talk Continues” is the WFB Talk show overflow. During the regular and playoff season, additional shows may be required to provide for two games. “WFB Talk Continues” will also include New & Additional Programming relating to Women’s Football.

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