At Listener Request

7 Jul

Yesterday during the show, there was much chat going on at the board on the website.  Listeners were trying to put a face with the voice of our co-hosts.  Even Papa Fox who has been a guest on our show many times never checked out our bio page on

I thought I would share with you some pictures during the football season when all of us played on the same team, the Sacramento Sirens.  Meg now plays for the H’Town Texas Cyclones, NWFA.  Meg also played for the Houston Energy, WPFL last year.  Robin still plays for the Sacramento Sirens, IWFL (8 years) and Beebe and myself played for the Sacramento Sirens during 2006 and 2007.

Top:  Meg & Beebe / Bottom:  Bj & Robin

Action shots & photos taken from the Sacramento Sirens website

To read more about the co-hosts and everyone involved on WFB Talk, click on the Bio page on this blog.

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