Meg and the H’Town TX Cyclones Missouri Bound

4 Jul

I just got off the phone with Meg.  She is now in Missouri, just two hours outside of St. Louis, where the H’Town Texas Cyclones (7-1) will go up against the undefeated St. Louis Slam for Round 2 of the NWFA Playoffs.  As Meg says it is now at 0-0 for both teams.

The reason I had given Meg a call was because I had set up an addional WFB Talk BlogTalkRadio show called WFB Talk Continues.  The reason for this second show is for the overflow or overlap of games played in the playoffs for teams that have requested to utilize our soundboard for their play by play.

Kay Carter requested the use of our soundboard on July 12, since the game they were to play tomorrow night had been cancelled.  We were scheduled to broadcast her game on the 5th.  I told her on the 12th that we were committed to another game, but I would see what we could do.  Meg and I did a quick 15 minute show on the new show WFB Talk Continues.  We don’t have our usual music or props yet since I set it up at 0834 am (pst) and had a show on the air at 0900 am (pst).

If you want to hear what we talked about….yes, football related, Click Here to listen.  We may have to get a few more mini shows under our belt in order to get the available prime time slots.  We are still working on getting the LA Amazons game to you live on Saturday, July 12 and we will let you know as soon as we can.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on this blog for more details if additional WFB Talk Continues shows are scheduled.

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