Kentucky Karma on WFB Talk This Sunday

3 Jul

We were very sad to hear the news that the Kentucky Karma were unable to fund their trip to Los Angeles for Round 2 of the playoffs this Holiday weekend.  I also know that this was a very hard decision to make. 

On the show this Sunday, we will have the pleasure of speaking with Tee Banks #72 of the Kentucky Karma.  I wish it were under different circumstances, but we are greatful that Tee will come on the air to share with us her thoughts as well as how this may be avoided in the future for her team as well as others. 

We want the Kentucky Karma, as well as other teams, who are struggling financially and having a hard time getting sponsors and advertisers to know, that if WFB Talk can help by blogging a story or giving a shout out to your sponsors on the air as an added incentive for them, please contact us.  We are here for “YOU”. 

It’s also important to remember to support the sponsors that you already have.  Make sure you drive that extra mile for that pizza and tell your friends as well.  It may be easier to go next door, but you have to remember to “Always support those who support you”.

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