ABC World News – NE Intensity **TONIGHT**

18 Jun

On Saturday, June 14, Nancy and myself had the oppotunity to attend the final game of the season between the New England Intensity and the Manchester Freedom, which was the deciding factor for the Tier 2 wildcard playoff spot for the New England Intensity.  An Intensity VICTORY 14-7!!!  Playoff Game 1 will played be against the Clarksville Fox on Saturday June 28. 

ABC World News was also there doing a segment on the Intensity and women who play tackle football. 

We got an email from Tricia Donovan, Owner/QB of the New England Intensity letting us know that the segment was going to air tonight.  Two of her players saw a preview indicating that it was to air on Wednesday night between 6:30-7:00 pm (EST), right after the local news.

Please be sure to check your guide for ABC World News Tonight and the New England Intensity.

To find out more information on the New England Intensity, go to or check out and click on TEAMS.

Also be sure to catch this Sunday’s show of WFB Talk at 3 pm(pst)/ 6 pm(est).

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