Coming to a MOBILE phone near you…

3 Jun

Whenever you see a url address with .mobi you will know that it is designed to be viewed on your mobile phone.  There are many mobile phones that have access to the internet, but the small size screen is usually not optimized for mobile phone use. 


Mobi sites first became available to the public in September 2006.  There are said to be advantages as well as disadvantages.  There are companies that are offering mobile view on their websites without the use of the .mobi domain, but for my purpose it differentiates the website and is specific for mobile phone use. 


Also, it is another way to offer a free service to you for sites of interest and a place for you to go and view some of your favorites “on the go”.


None of the websites content is updated by me, but rather an rss feed grabs the news and info off the website.  On the mobile device, either partial summaries or headlines will appear depending on their feed. The link can be clicked to go to the story on their actual website.  The mobile website will give you an overview of the content on their site.


I am currently having difficulty with the feed from two blogspot websites.  The headliners appear, but when you actually try to click on the link from the phone, an error page appears.  The feed does work when used with a pc rss generator.   The mobi site can be viewed on a pc, but nothing fancy about it, because it is designed for the mobile device view.  Even those links on the headers of the problem feed cannot be viewed with the pc with the feed program on the device.  I am still working out the kinks. 


One other website that is currently available for view, I am actually using page2rss, which grabs the updates from the website.  The feed that they provided for mobile use only gave the headers, which actually did work, but the view from the updater looks much better.  I tried to use the page2rss on the blogspot sites.  It failed to grab and update on the mobile device feed that I submitted.  I need to look further into blogspot for mobile content.


I am particularly interested in independent sports sites (individuals that become involved for the love of the game).  They can be sport related blogs or informational sport sites.


If there is a particular sports feed you are interested in viewing “on the go”, please email me at or


NOTE:  The site is not officially launched yet.  I am working on my hosting website to transfer from the mobile device site.



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