2 Jun

Yesterday after the show Nancy came out of the room where she was running the switchboard.  We were at my friends house who lives next door to me.  I had my laptop in their kitchen and Nancy was using their computer in the back room. 

When she came out of the back room, she put her notes down and I immediately noticed the doodle she had drawn.  I gave a big laugh because she had drawn a picture of what looked to be a man and had the name Coach Holmes next to it, wearing a football t-shirt, since he had just won this weeks drawing.  I said where’s his mouth, she said thats his mouth pointing to the object directly under his glasses.  I said then where’s his nose to hold up his glasses.  Nancy nor myself have ever seen Coach Holmes who is a member of the Carolina Phoenix Women’s Tackle Football Team (6-0).  I told her that I was going to share it on the blog.  I got a good laugh because as we were talking to Coach Holmes and asking him for a code word for next weeks show, she must have started to doodle. 

P.S. Amber from Arizona, that’s you waving above Coach Holmes figure…we are still waiting for your t-shirt choice too :-).


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