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31 May

submitted by Nancy

Every team in the IWFL and NWFA has a story behind them on how they started out as a team. Do you ever wonder and wish you could find out more information about the teams you may play against during the season? Yes, I know the websites are available but they cannot reflect the actual team spirit of someone who has Pride in their team.

During the past few weeks I had the pleasure of speaking with Owner and General Manager Rob Brown and the teams delegate Julie of the Clarksville Fox. Today the Fox are playing against the Chicago Force and both have a winning streak. If you go to the Force’s website you can listen to the game or click on the Game tab at this website for the link.

Wouldn’t you love to play at a field with an average of 1,000 fans that attend the game? Maybe you are interested in learning how to increase sponsorships, community recognition, or ticket sales for your team? On our show tomorrow we have guest Rob from the Clarksville Fox. After speaking with him I feel Trixy has the answers to all those questions. Go to http://www.wfbtalk.com and you can listen live at 3pm PST.

In case you do not have the opportunity to listen live you can go back to any of our shows at any time. Three teams that we have all ready got to know more about were: Coach Anthony from the So Cal Breakers, Co-owners Anneke and rookie tailback Telea of the New Mexico Menace on May 18th. Last week we spoke to Owner Tanya from the Baltimore Nighthawks. Throughout the month of May we have had guests from the: Carolina Phoenix, Pittsburgh Force, East TX Saberkats, New Orlean Blaze, Louisiana Fuel, and the Corvallis Pride.

Our other co-hosts Robin, Megan, and Barbara do a great job interviewing the person on the show. Co-host
Beebe recaps the weeks highlights and all the scores of the teams. Megan just recently started a new segment called “The Smack Down”. Oh, by the way, do you like to wear shirts to support and represent the women’s game of football? We will be announcing this weeks winner of a shirt as we are partners with womenplayfootball.com.

Do you have a team story? Contact me at marketing@wfbtalk.com

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