WFB Talk RoadTrip!

22 May

Submitted by Nancy

As always throughout the year we take road trips to follow women’s football.  It has been in the works for the last two weeks, but it has been officially confirmed by all three of us:  Barb, Beebe, and I that our next road trip will begin tomorrow evening.  I am getting my suitcase out and writing my items to bring and not forget!
We confirmed the hotel reservation at a Clarion in Los Angeles on Monday and last night confirmed the vehicle we will be taking.  We will also be seeing our friend Andrea who lives down in the area as well.   
Later today I will prepare my Map Quest directions for the trip from Sacramento to LA.  We are leaving close to evening time as we are working a full day and we should arrive at the hotel around midnight.   
If anyone of you plan on going to the Quake/Showgirlz game we will be there and it will be great to meet you!


Home Field: Downey High School Football Stadium
11040 Brookshire Ave, Downey, CA 90241
Click here for map>>>

Parking $2 and game day programs $3

Tickets are only $5 admission and children 5 years and younger are free. Tickets are now available online.



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