TO Play or NOT to Play

20 May

Taken from Meg’s Blog

Recently Bj notified me by a text that the H-town cyclones are looking for line players. I have 2 years experience on the o line and three on the d-line. I am really contemplating playing but not sure if I have the time to put into it at the moment.

I will consider it and then again I may just continue to take a season off. But one thing is for sure I will talk football no matter what. Another great episode of the Smack Down was on wfbtalk yesterday.

Yes I did get some snickers for the intro song but I am opening up to the listeners if they would send in a 3-5 sec intro that they think is better I am all for it. So send all sound bites to and make sure you title it smack down theme.

So keep checking in on this blog and the womensfootballtalk blog for your latest football updates with all the leagues.

And as always get out there on the field and HIT SOMEBODY!

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