It’s an O-Line thing

20 May

Submitted by Robin

Recently, we told you about t-shirts available from Women Play Football’s website.  The shirts are available at a special discounted rate at exclusively for WFB Talk listeners.  This reminded me of a shirt the Sirens O-line made several years back as a Coach’s gift:



The duck on the front represents the Offensive Line Coach (Brian McCann) and the ducklings the ten offensive linemen.  On game days our O-Line Coach (Brian McCann) always had his players follow close behind in case he needed to make a quick substitution.  When the shirts arrived we immediately decided that the duckling closest to the duck was a player that glued herself to Coach on the sideline and the duck farthest away was a player who was constantly distracted and always a little bit behind.  The back of the shirts had everyone’s nickname on the back and although I wasn’t truly a rookie, the name had stuck since my first year.

When 2007 rolled around, one of my teammates was looking through the game program and saw a statistic that caught her eye.  She thought it would make a great shirt and serve as a way to further unify the offensive line:

You’ll notice that these are now Under Armour shirts.  Most of the line wore their shirts on game day and some even wore them under their gear durring the game.  Of course we had the black and gold to represent Siren colors.  This year the same player (Vicky Neiswanger) and I worked together to come up with a new design:

I contributed the back and Vicky thought up the front.  It’s a little tongue in cheek, but we O-Line players love to laugh.  This year we decided to open it up to D-Line and Tight Ends as well to help defray some of the costs.  Of course the more you order the better price you get.  Many of us wear the shirts on game day and it is a source of pride.  Although we aren’t as successful as we would like this year, we still play hard and the shirts help to bring together both sides of the team (offense and defense).  I find we are much closer this year than in years past.  I’d like to think that the shirts had something to do with it….

There are little things like making custom shirts that you as players can do to help team morale and camaraderie.  It is important to keep the team tight when times are tough.  Share your suggestions and tips on how you motivate yourself and your teammates.  E-mail us at or call in live to our show every Sunday at 3PM Pacific.

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