Women Play Football TEAM UP with WFB Talk to Give Listener DISCOUNTS

13 May

Women Play Football and Women’s Football Talk have teamed up to offer WFB Talk Listeners an added discount on their already reasonable priced football t-shirts on their website.

Women Play Football pride themselves in catering to women who play football, and strive to create designs that reflect the personalitites of players. They hope to spread awareness throughout communities everywhere that women play football.

The webdesigners at womenplayfootball.com created a seperate webpage for WFB Talk Listeners and blog readers. In order to get the reduced rate, go to http://www.womenplayfootball.com/wfbtalk. Be sure to include the /wfbtalk in order to get the discounted rates. The regular site doesn’t reflect the discounts, so be sure to stay on the WFB Talk Listeners Page.

On Sunday’s show, Meg gave a code word for you to send to me in an email (bj@wfbtalk.com), in order to be entered in a drawing for a FREE T-Shirt from Women Play Football. The name will be read on the May 18th show.

You have until Wednesday to submit the code word and your name for the drawing.

Screenshot page taken from womenplayfootball.com website

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