Race for the Cure

13 May

Submitted by Robin

Saturday, May 10th was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Sacramento, CA.  In celebration of Margie Wells and many others the Sacramento Sirens formed another team, this one called “Sirens for the Cure.”  Margie headed up the team wearing a pink shirt indicative of her status as a breast cancer survivor and a white and pink boa to celebrate her recovery.  She was joined by family and friends on what was thought by some to be a one mile walk but actually turned out to be a 5K (3.3 miles) trek.


Offensive Tackle Rebecca Foster holds the sign so our group can find us among the thousands of participants. 

 Lollipop (Jennifer Kramer), Amber Mitchell and Vicky Neiswanger prepare for the walk ahead “Notice how happy we are thinking it’s only one mile,” said Neiswanger.

 Surrounded by nearly all of her fellow Offensive Line teammates, Margie, her family and friends raised funds for breast cancer research.  Initially I was thought that I would not be able to make it to the walk and so instead made signs in support of Margie and a family friend who is currently undergoing treatment for advanced breast and other cancers.  Thankfully, I was able to attend the event after all.


O-Line Sisters.  Top L-R: Robin Grove, Andreana Schudy, Margie Wells, Rebecca Foster, Susan Hutty, Nancy Stoner and Deb Barros.  Bottom L-R: Vicky Neiswanger and Nichole Cullifer.


In celebration of those fighting and those recovering from breast cancer.

 After an official group photo and a “Family” break the members of the team headed to the starting line minus the one dedicated co-worker of Margie’s that was actually going to “Race” for the Cure.  While we waited at the starting line I looked around and saw the vast number of participants.  I tried to take a picture to capture the environment, but nothing could do it justice.  When the walk began, people were funneled through the starting line and past the emcees as they recognized every group carrying an identifying sign.  Cheers erupted around us as each group let their presence be known.





See the balloons in the background?  That was the starting line.  There was a solid wall of people in front of and behind our group.


Make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

The most impressive thing about the walk other than the sheer number of participants was the positive energy surrounding the Race for the Cure.  Some might expect that under the circumstances people would be grieving the loss of loved ones or struggling with the reality of a recent diagnosis; but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Nearly everyone had a smile on their face as the walked with family and friends and carried signs in memory of and in celebration of loved ones.  Margie used some of her signs to thank her sponsors as well. 

Hey look!  Our very own BJ is at the top of the sponsor list!

I must admit, it was a great experience as I walked with my teammates and friends celebrating Margie and family friend Linn Jefferson.  I couldn’t imagine a better use of my time than spending a beautiful Saturday morning with people I care about and working to fight breast cancer.  Of course it isn’t all rosy.  I did notice that some people had five and more names on their signs…a reality that is hard to ignore.  I can’t think of anyone I know that hasn’t been touched by this disease in one way or another.  If you know someone, make sure to join your local walk next year or better yet, donate to the cause while you still have the chance this year.  Donate to Sirens for the Cure at http://komensacramento.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=265447&lis=1&kntae265447=43619ED6698C46229DDEFFBA2528C031&team=2757696 


Margie’s daughter Hannah (R) and partner Jovi (L).


Margie Wells holds a sign aloft as she participates in the 2008 Komen Race for the Cure.


Andreana Schudy at the finish line.

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