Boo In LA? … NO, it’s Boo In LV

6 May

Boo (Boo in LA) was on the show on Sunday and she dropped me a line today.  She said she had some clever things to say about the California Quake and Las Vegas Showgirlz game, but since Coach Lee of the Showgirlz was on first he beat her to the punch with the recap.

She also reminded me that the rematch was going to be on the same weekend that we would be at the LA Amazons game against the Arizona Wildfire (May 24th).  I asked her to talk them into having an afternoon game….no, just kidding.  What we may have to do is split our crew up and send half to the Quake game for the weekend.  I already vowed to the Amazons and Wildfire, so I will ask Beebe and Andrea.

To read Boo’s article on the game recap, click HERE

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