Women Play Football

5 May

If you tuned into WFB Talk yesterday you would have heard me plug womenplayfootball.com.  I first learned about the site from the NWFA Diamond Booster Member site supporting women’s football.  
I talked to Carla via email and she said she plays for the Louisiana Fuel, which is part of the IWFL.  By day she is a graphic designer so she designed the shirts on the site.  She also said that she asks fellow players and others for input for shirt designs.  Carla feels that there is a demand for shirts that promote women’s football and that women’s football shirts would help promote the sport.

Many teams and leagues have designs that are specific for their team and there are times teams have little or no funding to get customized shirts.Carla feels that she could help provide an avenue for individuals and teams to purchase affordable custom shirts. 

To learn more, go to www.womenplayfootball.com and help Support Women in Football.

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