5 May

submitted by Nancy

I was asked by Barb yesterday afternoon prior to our show to be Host.  I have never run the switchboard before since our show started in August and I thought it was a great idea.  I felt it would be best since she would be in a van driving down from Oregon to Sacramento.  The flat and unpopulated areas are not always the best when it comes to reception.  Plus, if she loses reception the whole show drops.  So I was happy to be Host and have the switchboard to control the show: playing the ending music, muting and unmuting speakers, etc.


Everything went smoothly as we had guests Coach Lee and Boo on the show talking about the recent game in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Both Meg and Barb were online and I felt comfortable.  Possibly Robin would be calling in as well once she was in a good area too.


But what happens when both of them (Meg & Barb) disappear and are not connected to the show anymore?  The answer:  Nancy was !!!!!


Now as you know I am involved with WFB TALK by contacting teams and being the Marketing Director.  I am good with behind the scences assistance.  However, I am not good with coming up with great questions Robin, Meg, or Barb can come up within a split second while interviewing coaches and players about football.  I love watching the game and a volunteer, but don’t ask me specifics about plays because I am not skilled enough to even hold up a conversation! 


I have to thank Boo and Coach Lee for being patient and talking  about what they LOVE!  And thank the Reception Lords for having Meg & Barb come back online!  Without them the show would of fumbled….lol


The good news is all the crew of WFB Talk arrived safely home last night.

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