29 Apr

Wake Up Call
story submitted by beebe

Yesterday I went to my doctor. And as it turns out I
have diabetes, and have gained over 30 pounds in a
year! Wow! I knew I wasn’t doing well, but this is
just ridiculous! I need to take better care of
myself starting now! That means a change in
lifestyle. Making better choices. Eating smarter.
Exercising. And all that jazz.

So, no more soda! I love water any way, but if I’m
craving soda, I can go for iced tea instead. Mmmm!
Also, less fast food and ice cream. More veggies and

My apartment complex has a gym. I worked out there
yesterday, and plan to do it again today. Ideally I’ll
work out there 5 days a week. I walked the treadmill
for 10 minutes, then worked on my upper body at the
different weight stations, then 10 minutes on the
stationary bicycle. Today I’ll do cardio and work on
the lower body. I plan to switch it up every day.

I know I need to take better care of myself. So here
goes! Cheer me on!

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