H’Town Texas Cyclones vs Austin Outlaws – LIVE

19 Apr

For almost an hour RoxyG and I were on the phone working on getting her blogtalk show set up because I had noticed it wasn’t showing an upcoming LIVE show on her account. What had happened was that it set her up for 2 pm CST instead of 7 pm CST because being a NEW BlogTalkRadio Host you can’t use Prime Time hours at your initial start. If you recall on our debut show we were on at 10 pm PST/1 am EST for that same reason.

RoxyG and the H’Town Texas Cyclones will be using WFB Talk’s sound board for today. The show had to be split in TWO SEGMENTS because maximum time for a free site is two hours. So be sure to click in to the last hour of the show by clicking the LISTEN LIVE Button.

There will be no switchboard today and probably no message board except by the listeners. Meg will be at the H’Town Texas Cyclones game ensuring they get on LIVE and Beebe, Nancy and I will be in Modesto watching the Modesto Magic and the Arizona Wildfire. Robin of course will be playing in the Sacramento Sirens game against the Seattle Majestics and we will hear about that game tomorrow.

Go to the Games tab at the top of the page to listen to at least FIVE LIVE GAMES going on today.

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