WFBTALK is having another Road Trip!

18 Apr

submitted by nancy

Yipee! Friday is here!

At the beginning of the year Barbara, Beebe, and I made a trip out to
Modesto to watch and interview the players of the team. I remember
that morning quite well as I received a phone call really early in the
morning to Mapquest the directions to the field because Barb had spoken
to the owners, but didn’t obtain the address of our destination. For
some reason the website didn’t have the address and we drove up there
blindly and hoping we would reach Stormy the owner prior to
reaching Modesto.

I was sitting in the backseat and about 30 miles away from Sacramento
I finally reached Stormy. With Barb’s car sounding like an airplane
engine it was so hard to hear the directions. We had to wait for a
call back from another player to get better directions. But my
whole point of this story is that I took the initiative to Mapquest and
make sure we know where we are going before we leave the house!

I am happy to say I emailed the Mapquest directions to Barb with all
possible routes to and from the hotel and field from Sacramento.
WFBTALK crew is ready for our RoadTrip!


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