Football Football Football

18 Apr

submitted by meg from the SouthLand Gladiators Blog

The Houston Cyclones home season opener is this Saturday at 7pm and I will be there. I know that through the whole game I will be just wishing to be on the field. I love football and when I am not able to play I find myself searching sights looking at pictures. You wait so long to play a game you train and then when the game is here you are so into what is going on you don’t get much time to enjoy in the moment until it is over.

So know I look through old Sirens pictures wishing them well on their game aganist one of my favoriate teams to play against, Seattle. I just want to play I have always just wanted to play and one season off is craziness to me. Yet playing soccer fills some of my voids I know that next season I will play on a team.

This season I wanted a chance to see what I could do to start my own team. I had seen some other ideas and teams that just didn’t have the teamwork so I stepped back to regroup and watch things play out. But that is the thing I jsut don’t want to watch anymore. I feel the urge to play.

So until that time I stare at my gear and run plays in my head and do as many drills till my body just will not let me continue. Feel the love and the burn of the game and don’t forget to tune into the WBFtalk show this Sunday for all the news on the games from Saturday.

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