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17 Apr

I added a new link section on the blog…DidYa Know? My first link I added to that new section was a site developed by Mark Thompson, a wonder man of many talents. From Teacher who makes English more fun through the use of a popular game show to officiator on a football field. Mark was also responsible for creating the website Every Football.com where he recognizes all types of footballs in every league.

Taken from Mark’s website (Everyfootball.com)

Professional football leagues are more numerous than most people realize. Some leagues have come and gone, but most have their own unique official game ball. For some, it’s a simple matter of branding it with a logo. For others, the shape, color, and composition make the difference. When put together they make an interesting group.

This site attempts to illustrate nearly every official game ball of modern professional football leagues. See them all at once on the gallery page, and quiz yourself either before or after you check out the individual league pages. Click on the thumbnail photo of any ball to enlarge it. Most of these balls are in my personal collection, and others are still on my “want” list. If you have information about any of the footballs and leagues mentioned or omitted on this site, please let me know about it.

Check out Mark’s website at http://www.everyfootball.com

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