Thanks, CoachBleep :-)

14 Apr

CoachBleep stopped by WFB Talk to listen to Sunday’s broadcast this morning.  He clarified some things we went over on yesterday’s show that I wasn’t too sure on some of the facts off hand. 

Thanks Coach Bleep for the info and thank you for stopping by :-).

From the WFB Talk Message Board:

coachbleep: boston militia is a combo of bay state warriors and mostly mass mutiny. both were playoff teams in their league in years past. NE intensity are still around.
14 Apr 08, 08:10

coachbleep: the detroit demo have some retirements also to include the qb, LBs, and linemen

14 Apr 08, 08:09

coachbleep: some of the Orlando players were from the old orlando teams including the orlando fire

14 Apr 08, 08:04

coachbleep: just saying hi and listening to sunday’s broadcast

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