FBirdImages 2008 Football Shoot Schedule

9 Apr

Here is the tentative schedule for Fred, Tara and Red of FBirdImages.com for the 2008 Season.  Be sure to check out the website for previous years past of the many GREAT shots already captured.

Schedule was received from the myspace Bulletin:

F = Fred T=Tara R=Red

Week 1 April 12

D.C. Divas vs. Boston Militia (F,R,T)

Week 2 April 19

N.E. Intensity vs S. Maine Rebels (F,R,T)

Week 3 April 26

Montreal Blitz vs N.E. Intensity (F)

S.Maine Rebels vs. Holyoke Hurricanes (R&T)

Week 4 May 3

Manchester Freedom vs S. Maine Rebels (F)

Holyoke Hurricanes vs N.E. Intensity (T)

Week 5 May 10

N.Y. Sharks vs Boston Militia  (F)

Holyoke Hurricanes vs Manchester Freedom (R&T)

Week 6 May 17

Cape Fear Thunder vs CT Cyclones  (F)

Week 7

We are off

Week 8 May 31

Holyoke Hurricanes vs S. Maine Rebels  (F)

Manchester Freedom vs Boston Militia R&T

Week 9 June 7

Baltimore Nighthawks vs Manchester Freedom  (F)

Montreal Blitz vs Boston Militia  (F)

CT Cyclones vs Holyoke Hurricanes (R&T)

Week 10 June 14

Manchester Freedom vs N.E. Intensity  (F)

Week 11 (make up ) June 21

S. Maine Rebels vs Manchester Freedom  (F)

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