Expansion Teams Join NWFA for 2009 Season

6 Apr

On today’s show we had guests Ahmad Newton, owner of the Ventura Black Widows and Felicia Mycyk, co-owner and General Manager of the Pittsburgh Force two new expansion teams joining the NWFA for the 2009 season.

The Ventura Black Widows and the Pittsburgh Force will be holding their tryouts for the 2009 season in April (Black Widows) and in May (Force). The Ventura Black Widows will also be teaming up with the Los Angeles Amazons and the Modesto Magic to hold two scrimmage games during the 2008 season.

Both teams are actively looking for players, coaches, trainers and interns.

To find out more information on these two teams:

Visit the Pittsburgh Force at www.pittsburghwomensforce.com Email: pittsburghforce@gmail.com

and the Ventura Black Widows: Email: blackwidowsfootball@live.com (website soon TBA).

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