Another “Robin” Blast from the past

25 Mar

I love seeing how people find us on the blog other than the conventional way of typing in our url address.  While I was typing in how one person found us on google (when did women start playing football), I also ran across this hiding in the archives of the Sirens website.  Our very own Robin back in 2003 talking about turf toe again.  I’m really going to have to ask her to explain that to me one more time.  I just envision her carring a piece of turf on her toe…lol. The question asked to the players was what they thought about players playing back to back seasons.

from the Sacramento Sirens archives: 


 Robin Grove, Offensive Tackle

Player Perspectives, August 2003

“I love being with my teammates throughout the year, it really has made us much closer because of the time we spend together. I for one liked the back to back, although there is no way I would go for a 3rd in a row, my body needs the rest. Another downside is not being able to train in the non-existent off-season. No time to lose weight, bulk up or condition without wearing yourself out! Resting injuries is important too. I love being out on the field as much as possible and there is nothing like 23 games in one year to do that for you! I have had my share of problems; turf toe since February (gets worse every day until I can rest it in the off season) and my knees are sore when they weren’t before. I don’t feel as fresh as I did coming into Summer 2002.”

Update:  3/25/08 @ 4:56 pm (pst): 

from on turf toe

Athletes diagnosed with turf toe should avoid their sport for about three weeks to allow the joint capsule to heal.

Yea, right…..Robin played with a crack in her ribs and you think she is going to stop playing because of turf toe?…lol.  I just feel sorry for her opponents when they are aiming right for her big toe.

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