24 Mar

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My version of Barb’s working out.  

While reading all of Barb’s anguish of working out and watching her food intake I realized I had been doing the same.

Ya ya all on my own and it almost sounds as great while not as cruel.

Friday night Amber and I went for about a 45min Bike ride to the small lake and back. I got her a bike for her B-day so we had to try it out. Then Saturday we went to the Rodeo, I walked around all day from 12:45 till 9pm we walked all the way to the top of Reliant Stadium around and around, up and up since are seats were in section 601 at the top of the stadium. I was good I did not eat all the deep fried food you can try, but I did have two slices of pizza and an icy, yummy and refreshing J

Ok yesterday I got up, yup that was a great start. HEE, HEE. Ok I had two waffles, yes only two, everyone else had more and um Amber can put away like 7 and these are the homemade ones. Lol. I had small portion of scrambled eggs, and two pieces of turkey bacon. Yummy. I then took Luca, my dog for about 2 mile walk around the neighborhood with Amber. We then gardened and painted a big cabinet. My lunch was a sandwich with turkey and cheese on some type of whole wheat bread. Oh I had some chips, that was bad, but not too many and I had a nice sprite soda. HEE, HEE. I then did some house work and went to the store. For dinner I had KFC I guess that was bad too, but I like mashed potatoes and chicken strips. I drank diet ginger ale another YUMMY J.

SO this morning finally I got up early to walk and Amber did too. So at 6am I was out for a brisk 30min walk it was a little cold so I had to walk brisk to stay warm and keep awake. I then had coffee and two pieces of cinnamon raisin toast for breakfast. When I got to work I had a snack at 11am of a granola bar and some crackers with peanut butter. I did have s couple of jellybeans. Ok I had quite a few but they were good.  J  For lunch I had enchiladas that Amber had made. They were on wheat tortillas and had chicken and cheese. I then had carrot and celery sticks about 5 each dipped in crunchy peanut butter. Later I will have a slim fast shake and probably white rice and broccoli for dinner.

I also will probably take a long walk or bike ride tonight.

SO I am not as good as Barb, but I figure it is a start and it proves that we all can start somewhere. I might not be as hungry or as sore as Barb but I know if I keep it up I can loose a little weight.

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