Banshees change of Heart

23 Mar

Nancy and I were in Death Valley over the weekend, so as we got back into cell phone range I found out that the Oakland Banshees changed their mind and decided to go Full Force in 2008 rather than waiting an extra year to come out strong.  Not winning even in the Sixxes Championship, I think I would have waited one additional year to build my army of Banshees and come out stronger for the 2009 season. 

I thought what they originally planned for the 2008 season was a great idea to help build a stronger team.  I also was looking forward to them playing Meg’s team this year as well as the Las Vegas Showgirlz Sixxes.

March 29 will be their first tryouts, not allowing enough time for hitting in pads for the IWFL season start on April 12.  Let’s just hope that they will follow the line of Sixxes scheduling at the end of May and start their four games as an X team against other Tier 1 teams.

NOW from the Banshees website:

Banshee Tryouts for the 2008
11’s Expansion Tier 1
March 29th, 2008 @ 9:00 am
Marina Park 
Players should wear Shorts/Sweats
and Football Shoes, bring water or your favorite sports drink.
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