Challenge Training

19 Mar

For those of you who don’t know, I started a Challenge against myself and we discussed a little about it on the last couple of shows, WFB Talk.  I have been noticing, at least the last couple of months, that since I am not playing football this season and haven’t been working out since the season ended, I have gotten somewhat out of shape.  On Meg’s website ( there is an affiliate listed on Meg’s team sponsor page.  I decided to put the e-training to the test and not only help support Meg and her new Sixxes team, the SouthLand Gladiators, but also get myself into shape at the same time. 

If anyone is interested, be sure to email Meg at so she can give you the code to get 50% off your first month.  

My actual workout start date was on March 17th and I will do a daily log for 30 days so you can track my progress and the notes I’m sending back to my trainer, Rob Price.  I put before pictures up and jotted down some additional thoughts. Click on the Challenge tab at the top of this website to read more.

I have noticed my appetite has curbed and that is only from the two days.  I am more conscious of what is actually on the package in terms of calories and fat content.  I am eating breakfast as well too, which I never did so that is probably why I was always hungry.  

Keep an eye on the challenge and listen to the show for updates.



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