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17 Mar

On yesterday’s show Robin had mentioned that we received an email forwarded to us on behalf of Jennie McNulty, which she read on the air.

Jen wanted us to pass along that Curve Magazine is having a “funniest lesbian” contest and she was chosen as one of the funniest ladies on the list.

She asked if we could let you know about this and would appreciate it if you would vote for her at their website.

The link to vote is

Jen was also just featured on LOGO television. She said that while they cut out most of her football stuff from the viewing, they left a couple of jokes on their website.

If you don’t know who Jennie McNulty is, she plays for the California Quake as well as a professional stand up comic. You may have seen her on One Night Stand Up.

While searching the internet, here’s a funny clip from One Night Stand Up where Jen explains why she not get mad on the football field.

Photo Screen Shot taken from One Night Stand Up website :

jennie-mcnulty.jpgClick HERE

One Night Stand Up: Jen McNulty

To learn more about Jennie McNulty go to

Don’t forget to VOTE for Jennie at

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