Wallet MisHap and the MisAdventures of my Slide

13 Mar

Story Submitted by Nancy

Last Sunday on our weekly WFB Show, Barbara had mentioned something that happened to the two of us last Friday.  Here are the details:


Above is a picture of the back of my car.  Look closely and you will see my wallet and my pager (T-mobile sidekick) on the back.  This is where the story begins. 

Last Friday, I went to Barbara’s house, as the two of us planned to go to dinner that night.  Before leaving, I was putting something in my trunk.  I did not have any pockets so I placed my wallet & pager on the back as shown.

bumper-view.jpg close-up.jpg 

As I had the hatchback opened, I got distracted as I saw our friend, and Barb’s neighbor, Carol next door and wanted to speak with her.  I closed the trunk in excitement and walked away – TOTALLY forgetting what I left on the bumper. 

About ten minutes later, Bj & I were ready to leave.  We both got into my car and I backed out of the driveway and the street she lives on has a slight downgrade to it.  We drive up the slight hill, go slightly back down the hill, take a right and go up another slight hill to the stop sign and take another right onto Sunrise Blvd.  We drove past the heavily packed shopping mall and stopped frequently at approximately 4 – 5 lights.  Just after the mall area we took another right into the parking lot, went over a speed bump, took a left and arrived at our restaurant destination.   

As soon as we were parked I immediately felt around for my pager and wallet and could not find either!  I asked Bj if she saw them as it was well after twilight.  Bj got out of the car first and coincidentally stopped near my bumper and she said, “Nancy, your wallet is on the back of the bumper!”  Unhesitatingly, I then knew they both were on the back of the bumper for the entire three mile ride! 

Here are the scenarios: 

A)  Got back in the car and retraced our tracks and could not find it.  A half-hour later Bj receives a call from the person who found it.  This person found in my call history I made numerous calls to Bj a lot throughout the week and was trying to locate me. 

B) Bj calls her son, whose home at the time, and asks him to check the end of the driveway to see if the wallet slid off the bumper.  It is found and Bj and I are relieved! 

C) Got back in the car and retraced our tracks and luckily it was in the same parking lot as the restaurant, but fell off at the speed bump. 

D)  Got back in the car and retraced our tracks.  Found the crushed and mangled Sidekick in the road at an intersection approximately one mile from the restaurant.   

I thought it would be an engaging adventure with our listeners of WFB TALK to call our 24 hour hotline and leave your answer!  Call us at:  641-715-3900 and press extension: 3051979 to leave your answer. 

On Sundays show we will talk about the adventure of my poor Sidekick Slide.

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