YES!  I got my free SouthLand Gladiators T-shirt! 

12 Mar

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Story submitted by Nancy

i-got-my-t-shirt.jpg (Nancy & her Tee)

I didn’t achieve my goal of 4 recruits, but I did work hard (Meg & Barb said) and wherever we went I handed out flyers and provided information.

To tell you of our travels to Houston…

We arrived around 2:30 am Houston time Saturday the 1st of March. 



Attended Meg’s indoor soccer game and that is where my recruiting started.  Later in the day we went to Antique stores to ask for sponsorships and a restaurant called Norton’s for dinner.  Later into the evening we all sat around the kitchen table organizing what the try-outs would consist of and staying up late into the evening around midnight.  meg-nancy-at-nortons.jpg (Meg & Nancy)

working-late-before-tryouts.jpg (Meg, Barb & Amber)

The next morning woke up early and headed out to the field.  It was a very windy day and I decided to stand outside for an hour at the Centennial Park entrance waving people down to let them know there were women football tryouts. 


Tryouts started around 10:30 til about 1pm.  I joined in on the fun.  The next three days I was soooo sore!  For those three days Barb kept reminding me, “that’s how I felt during the football season, but even worse when you get tackled!”It was a short trip and I wished we had one more day to stay with Meg.  We have not seen her since the WPFL Championship in San Diego, CA in December.

The next tryouts for the Southland Gladiators will be this coming Saturday on March 15th!

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