Pre-Day Challenge

10 Mar

On the blog I set forth a challenge that I had briefly brushed over on Sunday, March 9th show. On Meg’s site on her sponsor page she has a link to a site that does e-training. I am quite familiar with taking courses online, since I am going through a marketing course through a local college in my area from January through May. E-learning is another means for people with busy schedules to meet their needs. Not only did I want to give my support to Meg, but at the same time I want to get myself back in shape since I am not playing football this season. I signed up last night and awaited my reply from my trainer, Rob Price.

I received a reply from Rob this morning.  He set up a schedule for me.  I wrote him back and asked that if I was out of town and not near an elliptical or treadmill, which I told him I had access to, could he substitute for my running and bleachers.  I have a treadmill in my storage and an elliptical on my back porch, both of course collecting dust.

I just received my program for training to begin on Tuesday, March 11. This week will be 3 days and the following weeks will be 4 days as requested. I have the option to have my proper nutrition formulated for me as well, but first I want to get the training underway, which will be tomorrow. I am required to enter my data at least once a week to include my nutritional intake so I will be printing off my recommended diet as well (meal plan for 7 days is 1736.1 calories per day).

To be continued…..(For future write-ups look for “Challenge” tab at top of page)

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