Let the Challenge Begin…..soon

10 Mar

On Sunday’s show I briefly mentioned that I was going to put forth a challenge. On Meg’s website (southlandgladiators.com) one of her sponsors is Sports Workout. I used a discount code for half off the price for the first month for the e-training program.

I am choosing to train for a minimum of four days a week. I don’t plan on starting up the program until I get photos taken to submit for this blog and my training program received from my trainer so that you can follow along with the progress I am making. For at least a month, I will keep a diary blog for you to view my progress.

I asked for Rob Price to set me up as if I were off season and working to return for next year. I just turned in my questionnaire so I will receive my personal training program shortly.

Once I get that and once I submit photos for the first diary entry blog the challenge will begin.

Be sure to check back later on this site as well as Meg’s SouthLand Gladiators Blog for updates.

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