The Flash Taking the Plunge

7 Mar

Last week Coach Scott, Head Coach of the Fort Wayne Flash emailed us about the Plunge the Flash took this year. Here’s what Coach Scott wrote and the pictures taken by L.A. Michelsen were included.

Thanks, Coach Scott for sharing.

Special Olympics is coming to Allen County (Fort Wayne, IN) for the first time this year and we have decided as a team to do as much with them this season as we can. The Flash won awards for best costume, most plungers, and most money raised by an organization ($6K). It was a great event with much local coverage. You girls rock!

Coach Scott Floyd


Entire group at Plunge Had 16 plungers


Mayor Tom Henry and #32 Stacy Lancaster


89 Terri Rzasa (K-9 officer)32 Stacy Lancaster (construction & mother of 2 daughters)


62 Dr Monique Hartle (Sports Chiropractic & mother of 3 sons) & Team MGR & old #38 LeAnn Gerber (Food Specialist entrepreneur)


LeAnn wanting the ladder OUT……………FAST


#27 Heidi Wright (Social service director) & #75 Cindy Meeks (911 emergency dispatch & mother one son)



7th #45 & QB Laura Kerr (paramedic, fire fighter & acting lieutenant

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